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Travel by Callaway County historical past: Hillcrest Cemetery

Follow along as the Fulton Sun visits each location in the Great Callaway 200 Scavenger Hunt from the Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society.

Callawegians have until Nov. 13 to race to 20 historical locations across the county. From early settlement and Civil War battles to religious communities and commerce, these places represent two centuries of county history.

Today, the newspaper is featuring one of the locations highlighted in the scavenger hunt— Hillcrest Cemetery.

Hillcrest Cemetery sits across from Veteran’s Park in Fulton on land donated by the Dyer family.

Some members of the Dyer family, including early Callaway County residents Martha Tabb Watkins Dyer, Sameul Dyer, Jr. and their son Edward Bates Dyer are among those buried in Hillcrest.

The mother kept a journal from Jan. 1, 1823-Dec. 31, 1839. Pieces of the diary are archived by Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society.

Martha was born in Goochland County, Virginia in 1795 and died 66 years later in Fulton.

Her diary details how she traveled from Virginia to Missouri with her husband and four children, journeying by boat, wagon and horseback.

Friends from Callaway County met the family in St. Louis and made their way to settle northwest of Calwood at Dyers Run creek.

Martha recounted the family’s labors in establishing a farm and building a house and a mill. Samuel was known as Fulton’s second merchant and the couple had four more children in Missouri.

She described a wolf sighting, extreme weather, a church construction, child births, elections, marriages and the death of her husband in 1834 in her diary.

The Dyer family later moved to Fulton, living on Court Street between Fifth and Sixth streets.

Edward Bates Dyer was one of the Dyer children born in Callaway County. His large tombstone is one of the notable graves in Hillcrest — it is decorated with anchors, leafy branches and a key.

Learn more about the hunt at callawaymohistory.org/scavenger-hunt.

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