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PS5 inventory is touchdown THIS WEEK – and these are the shops to examine

If you’ve been looking to buy PlayStation 5 and have been waiting for new PS5 stock then this is the week to switch on. That’s because, after limited supplies of new consoles were made available in the USA and UK last week, all respected PS5 stock trackers are pointing to this week as when a massive new wave of consoles are being made available.

Sony is delivering more than 14 million consoles in 2021, and January is where the great PS5 restock begins, with “Sony about to come in clutch Q1 2021”.

Where to buy PS5 in the UK

Where to buy PS5 in Australia

Where to buy PS5 Digital Edition

Where to buy PS5 : Official accessories guide

PS5: What are the console bundle options?

Based on what we’ve seen from the US launch bundle deals aren’t a major focus right now for retailers, most likely due to lack of stock. We are expecting bundles featuring two DualSense controllers, as well as options including the Pulse 3D headset, DualSense charging station, and HD camera to start appearing as the console stock situation improves.

On the software front, the PS5 will be on offer with Sony’s first-party games, like Gran Turismo 7, Horizon Forbidden West, and Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales, as well popular IPs like GTA, FIFA, and Call of Duty, although these aren’t available at launch right now.

And, remember, while Sony itself might not have launched any accessory or game bundles so far, third-party retailers can absolutely do that, so be sure to scope out what sort of console and game or console and accessory options are on offer.

PS5 orders: Scalper hall of shame

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There have been numerous causes for PS5 orders to be few and far between at launch, and while a fair bit of blame rests of Sony’s shoulders for the way it handled the opening of PS5 pre-orders, many of the biggest problems have been out of the Japanese console maker’s hands.

Naturally, the big one has been disruptions to Sony’s supply chain caused by 2020’s very unique circumstances – manufacturing plants have been operating at certain times this year at far reduced capacities due to obvious reasons. This has led to a situation where Sony has not been able to produce as many PS5 consoles as quickly as it intended.

The other major problem, which is far more pressing right now at the actual launch of the console, is the success of reseller bots and scalpers in raking up huge swathes of PS5 orders online.

Right now, as can be seen in the image above, in-stock PlayStation 5 consoles are actually not hard to find at all, with thousands of sellers to choose from as soon as you open up an online auction house.

Indeed, some sellers even have crates of PS5 consoles up for sale. The big problem, though, is that all these consoles are listed for two, three or even four times the actual price of an RRP PS5.

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Instead of having to pay $499 for a console, gamers are being wallet-gouged for upward of $1,975!

These incredible mark ups have been enabled, in part, by the emergence of automated shopping bots. As was also recently painfully witnessed with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 and 3090 launches, these reseller bots run by scalpers are programmed to automatically purchase bulk buys of a product like the PS5 the second it is made available just so the scalper can then immediately resell them at an inflated fee.

The really depressing thing about it is that the scalpers don’t even have to be awake and online to make the orders happen – the bot just waits and then automatically transacts as many orders as programmed to, and does so in a matter of seconds.

While gamers were still punching in their payment details on PS5 launch day, the reseller bots had already stolen their system, with countless gamers thinking they were safe after adding a console to their cart, only to then find out that by the time they had entered their details, that console had been removed from their trolley as the bots had purchased all stock.

The result of this now in the aftermath of the US PS5 launch? Scalpers with huge inventories of PS5 consoles and hundreds of thousands of gamers left empty handed.

Respected business journal Business Insider has laid bare the scale of the problem stating that:

‘Social-media and resale websites are rife with resellers who say they used bots to nab dozens of PlayStation 5 consoles on launch day:

“My bot came through,” one reseller said on Twitter. “Let me know who needs a #PS5 #Playstation5 If you haven’t secured dm me selling both digital and disc.”

That same reseller was selling the $500 PlayStation 5 model for $1,100 and the $400 model for $900.’

Now, of course, there’s the free market and supply and demand, and here at T3 we recognise that – we all live in the real world. But there’s the free market and then there are armies of reseller bots controlled by a select, privileged few. We think it fair to say that the sooner retailers can curb the power of scalpers and reseller the bots the better.

Where to buy PS5: the story so far

Getting hold of a PS5 has been no easy feat, with gamers left blindsided by lack of warning, retailer indifference, delivery company scandals and, of course, a scourge of scalpers using AI notification services and reseller bots to horde thousands of consoles behind grotesque mark-ups.

Console allotments have been selling out at retailers worldwide within seconds, and even with the post-launch PS5 restocks, hundreds of thousands of gamers are still without a console and staring down the barrel of a not very merry Christmas at all.

But there are more PS5 restocks to some, so there’s still a chance to save Christmas. We’ve seen multiple PS5 restocks at retailers around the world, including Costco, GAME, and PlayStation Direct.

This week in the US, both Best Buy and Walmart released more PS5 and Xbox Series X inventory, including bundle options. Walmart dropped its stock in waves to give everyone a decent chance at getting in on the action.  

The global PS5 restock is worth paying attention to because the PS5 isn’t region locked, meaning it will work anywhere in the world. Your best bet of landing a console might now not be at your national local retailer; yes, you’d have to get it posted, but it could be the difference between getting a system at RRP and not paying up to four times the console’s worth so a scalper can open another bottle of champagne. We recommend keeping an eye on all retailers who can ship to your location to maximise your chance of getting one.

Most restocks have been online, so we advise making accounts to get through the checkout process as quickly and smoothly as possible. You should also consider signing up for memberships at place like Costco and Meijer, where the PS5 stock is exclusively for members.  

We’ve gathered up the top retailers in every region region, covering the US, UK, and Australia. These are places which sold PS5 pre-orders, and offered PlayStation 5 consoles on launch day, and have had a number of restocks since.

What we would, say, though – and this comes from our experience tracking in-stock PS5 consoles, is that the key to landing a system is persistence and being clued in to these retailer’s online communications. Follow Twitter feeds, check Facebook and visit the PS5 product page every 30 minutes to check new stock hasn’t gone live.

Don’t give in to the scalpers and have your financial wellbeing compromised. Stay the course and get a PS5 for RRP. Remember, even if you have to wait a few weeks or months, all those awesome PS5 games will still be there for you to play.

Simply use the nearby sign menu bar to select your territory or console of choice to get started.

PS5 stock Sony PlayStation 5

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PS5 stock in 2021: what’s the score?

As evidenced by numerous Reddit threads and communications with T3, gamers are rightfully wondering whether we will see any more PS5 consoles come into stock in early 2021, with many retailers now openly confirming their supplies have run dry for 2020.

And, the good and short answer to that is, yes. Yes, more PS5 consoles are coming in early 2021, with T3 hearing a January to mid-February time band is likely for most retailers worldwide.

The more pressing question, of course, is who is going to get them first and what those retailers are doing to safeguard against scalpers hijacking any new wave of consoles.

If you were to ask T3, though, when will be the optimum time to buy PS5 in 2021 then we would say between March and May. This is because by that stage we are confident that there will be a steady stream of PS5s available (manufacturing will have caught up after a disrupted 2020) and also because that is when many new PS5 games will be available to play.

Returnal, Deathloop and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart for example are coming in the first half of 2021, so by waiting a few more months you might save yourself a lot of stress and have more great games to play when you do pick a system.

PS5 stock: latest threat to gamers

With the rise of PS5 stock trackers online, and notably on social media service Twitter, a new threat has emerged looking to exploit gamers. These are paid-for stock trackers, which often are pitched as an app that can be bought on app stores. These apps promise to keep you informed on the latest PS5 stock, which they monitor (or claim to monitor) with an army of AI bots.

The reality, though, is that these apps are not only not needed, as there are are plenty of respected free stock trackers that can be consulted by gamers, but also the authenticity of many of these paid for services is also dubious and often not authenticated.

This is just another scam to fleece gamers of their hard earned money, dangling the carrot of a PS5 in front of them in order to pry a couple of bucks out of their wallet. The thing is, though, with millions of gamers still wanting a PS5, it only takes a small percentage of these to buy these apps to make the scammer a lot of money.

Well, we say NO to scammers and NO to scalpers. Don’t pay for PS5 stock info – stay patient and keep your bank balance protected.

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